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Your priorities

A highlight of your biggest priorities, conventiently broken down into actionable items. This priority list serves as a great way to get your kanban or scrum board set up with new epic features that tackle the biggest parts of your overal developer experience.


A checklist

A full checklist of the issues affecting your product. Checked against a database of over 130 developer experience best practices. Every issue will include an overview of the cause, and useful suggestions as to how to solve them.


An overview

An overview of the core principles of developer experience, ranging from documentation, to onboarding, to getting to know your user base. This overview is an essential read for your entire team to help them understand the goals and purpose of a good developer experience.




Follow up consultation

Part of this package is a follow up consultation with Work Betta in which we will cover all the recommendations and issues live. During this consultation we can help clarify all the issues. With our large network of developer proffesionals we can help to get you set up to start implementing the changes needed in no time.


A 20+ page actionable report
on your developer experience

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